Australia Adventures⎟The Grounds of Alexandria

Good Arvo to all! I’m trying to keep up with my Aussie slang, it definitely feels a little weird being a complete American girl, but OH WELL! This past week I went exploring around The Grounds of Alexandria in Sydney, Australia. Let me tell you something, this place is the most perfect, quaint, and instagram-able place EVER! The Grounds itself is a cafe open for breakfast and lunch and the gardens are open until 9pm. This place is beyond stunning and it has so much to offer to anyone. 

The Grounds of Alexandria is located on a busy corner, but they offer street parking, as well as, a parking lot and parking around the back! It does fill up quick, so be sure to get in ASAP!

For breakfast I had the Cauliflower, Chickpea and Almond Fritter (GF/DF) and it WAS AMAZING!!!!  This was the perfect way to start the day and the perfect way to incorporate veggies into the first meal of the day! Kudos to The Grounds because this will have me drooling for days!

After Breakfast, we took a long wander around the grounds and let me tell you, it was hard not to take pictures every step we took. This place is gorgeous and is covered in flowers and greenery for days, it had me dreaming of getting married again, LOL! Im sure that would come with a big price tag, but they do offer The Grounds for private events and weddings, which is amazing!

After being in the Queensland hot sun for over a month, the Sydney weather was unbelievable! It was beautiful out and just warm enough to wear a jumpsuit with no jacket!

My Jumpsuit – Billabong (not sold anymore, you might find it at outlet stores, that where I got mine)

My earrings – Pandora Vintage Elegance Studs

Oh yes, that is a chicken and a VERY large pig! They are on property here, as well as more chickens and goats! This place is very popular with the little ones who can roam free and watch the animals bask in the sun.

I am telling you now, that if you have a love for food, flowers and frolicking, this place is a must see in your travels to Sydney! I was in heaven while here and even though Sydney is so big with so many people roaming the streets, transportation noises being right outside the grounds and construction everywhere you turn, once you step foot into The Grounds, you’ll completely lose yourself into the atmosphere and all around peacefulness this place brings you.


*All photos are my property and if used please give credit to: & @jackiemayyxo (Instagram)


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