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G’day to all! Today’s post is guaranteed to make your mouth water for some amazing farm to table brunch! My husband and I traveled to Byron Bay on the weekend and enjoyed a meal at one of my favorite restaurants/cafes in New South Wales, The Farm. Honestly, if you like fresh, real, raw, baked, and wholesome ingredients, The Farm needs to be on your list to eat at.

Byron Bay itself is one of my favorite spots. The vibe down there is unlike anywhere I’ve ever been, and you’ll feel at home with locals wandering the streets enjoying the sun pretty much everyday. Everyone is friendly and the shops are filled with small business owners contributing to their little village (thats what I like to call it).

Just before the downtown/city of Byron Bay you’ll hit The Farm. It is located on a massive piece of land with acres of grass and pens for horses, pigs, piglets, and cows. Oh, and let me not forget to mention their vegetable and fruit garden, TO DIE FOR! They also have a macadamia nut farm where you can go collect the nuts from the tree and crack them at picnic tables, which have nut crackers on the end of each on. Basically, this place is amazing and if you’re an Instagramer or a blogger, or just have a need for the best food, with the best company, you need to go.

Pumpkin hummus with sourdough (VEGAN)

Fried greens (VEGAN)

Roasted Vegetables with Cashew Sauce (VEGAN)


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