Australia Adventures⎟Paddington Reservoir Gardens

Good Morning to all! Today’s post has got me feeling some type of way… and that feeling is hands down missing Australia. Australia has so many hidden gems, and I’ve found some in every city that I’ve visited so far, but Sydney, by far has the most gorgeous and peaceful hideaways tucked into every nook and cranny of its fast paced and jam-packed city.

You could literally take a full month exploring this city and I swear you still wouldn’t be able to find all the things it has to offer. One of the coolest places I found while exploring was The Paddington Reservoir Gardens. Now this place is located on a busy commercialized street and if you blink twice you could miss it, so be sure to have Google Maps on because it’s a must see.

The Paddington Reservoir Gardens is a venue in the city’s east side.  This reservoir used to be a source of water for the city in the 19thcentury, but with Sydney literally booming, it stopped supplying in 1899 and went under loads of different transformations that led to what it is today.

I know, you all are probably board of a little history lesson, so I’ll just leave it here. This place was beyond stunning, with its industrial looks, brick literally falling off some places, and greens and water every corner, it will take your breath away. The coolest part is that it’s underground. So even though Sydney can be quite a loud place, this spot really does transport you back in time and allows some peace and serenity one might need to escape the madness a go-go-go city could give you.

Hopefully these pictures inspire some of you to add this to your list of must-see places in Australia. It would be a stunning venue or even place to do some photos for an engagement shoot or wedding.



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